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Our Cities

To fulfill its goal of establishing citizen diplomacy and creating cultural, educational and economic exchanges with its sister cities, BASC has sponsored numerous trips and projects with its two sister cities.  More projects are in the planning stages.

  • Educational conferences focused on providing factual data regarding the social, cultural and economic contributions of the Latino members of our community

  • Donation of two fire trucks and substantial firefighting gear to the fire fighters of San Luis Potosi, Mexico

  • Official visits by the mayors and delegations from both Gwacheon City and Soledad

  • Numerous tutoring and service learning trips to universities in San Luis Potosi

  • Cultural, educational and economic exploration  trip to Gwacheon City

  •  Homestay and classroom participation visits by high school students from Gwacheon City

  • Installation of road signs in the area promoting our sister cities

  • Participation in many local events, parades and expositions

Click below to read more about both our sister cities.

Our Sister Cities: About Us
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